Channel Letters

Some facilities have a design code that requires this type of individual letters. They are fabricated as a non lighted or internally lighted letter. The standard type of channel letters are pre-mounted on an LED wire way that also serves as a method of mounting to the building. They come in all shapes and sizes and also require a vector file,approval proof, and a permit procurement. This type of signage is generally accomplished within a 30 day period, but some cities and counties require 30 days to approve. The fabrication will not begin until approvals are final. Early orders make more sense. This is one of the most competitive aspects of the sign business. A wise customer will purchase from a sign provider with previous references. A reasonable price means not low, not high. Many of the signs that CSL has serviced in the past (fabricated by other sign companies) are low quality signs, and the customer was not able to resolve the issues with the original sign provider.

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