Parking Lot Lighting

CSL has serviced exterior lighting to overall height of 45 aerial feet for 20 + years, The last 10 years have proven that upgrading to LED offers more benefits than continuing to repair the older types of lighting products. But we still repair both types.

We handle a full line of products and honor those product warranties. We also offer consultation of upgrade, and allow the customer to purchase their own product direct from Amazon or other suppliers to lower their initial cost.

So many other service companies are stating that LED will lower your energy consumption by 2/3rds. But as a service company we have those 10 year evaluations that average about a 50% reduction. The average return on investment is seen at about the 3rd year. CSL recommends buying the products that are proving to last about 5 years of sufficient light with very little service till that 5th year, then the retro fit component replacement should be considered. Some of the car lots that we have upgraded, buy fixtures that are capable of retro and also invest in the 5th year replacement product upfront. That keeps their car lot well lit for ten years with reduced energy consumption at volume buying pricing, with very little service interference to their business.

Also a lot of the smaller facilities require less lumen output than what was originally installed, CSLs LED Photo-metrics evaluation can prove to generate more savings, with a opportunity to add more if needed.

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