Pylon Signs

Our biggest value as a pylon service provider applies to grandfathered pylons. CSL has restored hundreds of these displays in the the state of Georgia and Louisiana since 1981. Most of the townships, cities and counties, here in Georgia, have now imposed size reduction restrictions on pylons that are to be replaced. That means that if a grandfathered sign becomes dilapidated or hazardous, it may be subject to removal, and the new display will only be approved within the new size codes. These existing signs can make or break a community market place. It has become one of the most valuable sales tools for the price, and a critical asset to a commercial marketplace. CSL will evaluate the existing condition of a display and quote a long lasting upgrade, that will prove to withstand the elements and reduce the service expense, by using the most modern components and best options for changes of tenant panels. In the long run, this display becomes a sales tool that pays for itself.

Complete Sign & Light